Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do You Believe?

Whether you’re a hardcore cynic or an enthusiastic optimist, the thought may linger within us all if there is life beyond death.
We just received word of the passing of my husband’s aunt. She has lost the ongoing battle with cancer and has taken her last breath. I had paid homage to her strength and fortitude back in October in a blog title ‘Uninvited Guest’ for National Breast Cancer Awareness month, along with two other women in my life still fighting the disease.
When the sickness began to deteriorate her body and the medication no longer helped, she made peace with herself and decided to enjoy every moment of every day with everyone she loved. Not only did her mental capabilities improve but her sense of spirit seemed to be rejuvenated. Anger, resentment, and bitterness was erased and only appreciation for life remained. She asked all five of her children along with extended family members to throw her a party as a celebration of her life. They dubbed it ‘Mimipalooza’. We had a blast along with over 4oo friends and family. It was a good night, a great time to reminisce and a wonderful opportunity for closure. I’m thankful our family was able to cherish and hold that memory of her.
Many of today’s stories and news headlines seem to be extremely negative or forlorning, but every once and a while a story grabs you by the heart and pulls it until it aches. Today, such a story touched my heart and I urge you to take the time to watch the seven minute video of a teen boy’s last message to the world.
Unable to do what most children do because of a severe heart condition, Ben tells his story via a webcam and from 3x5 note cards. There is no sound, no music, just a boy telling his life on flashcards. . It’s extremely powerful and makes you hope for the best, regardless of your religious background or beliefs. I personally believe in heaven and that we will all receive glorious gifts after we have left this earth. Not everyone will share my beliefs, and that’s okay, but isn’t it nice to imagine an entire world without sickness, crime, war, corruption? A place where you feel an outpour of love, peace, safety, serenity. Wouldn't that be nice?  I don't see anything wrong with holding onto the anticipation of improvement. I should hope my fellow human beings would be considerate enough to allow such a thought to linger.I dedicate this story to my Aunt Gloria who lived her life to the fullest without any regrets. She loved with all her heart and impacted the lives of many. We will miss your enthusiasm, spunk and charisma. We love you!
To all those who are battling some sort of health issue, keep the faith in yourself, gather strength from those around you and keep going!


  1. You have an amazing blog! I love how you have such a different perspective on things!!! Look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year in advance!

  2. Thank you for your kind remark! Happy New Year to you as well!