Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have you heard the term ‘pecking order’? Normally it’s used in a condescending manner, but I’m using it as a reference to mankind as a whole. Humanity or human beings, are at the top of the ‘pecking order’ as we have been for centuries. Our advanced brain function separates our species from the animals of the planet thus putting us at the top of the food chain. Another ability we harbor is the gift of ‘free will’ and the power to make life choices. Not everyone has the option to act upon their thoughts or dreams, but at least they have a mind of their own to create it.
To every good, there is a bad. We also have the knowledge and history of hate, prejudice, and absolute evil actions created by the same act of ‘free will’, an unfortunate fact of life and a human hazard. That’s why it is imperative to make practical changes and small differences in the lives of those in need. To champion for the weak and stand up for the innocent and to help those hurting in our world. I’m not suggesting saving the billions of people living on our planet, but I am suggesting small baby steps in the direction of making an impact in someone’s life.
You might be rolling your eyes or wondering what you could do that would make a difference and my response is this: There are two types of volunteers; The Global Giver and The Hometown Helper….
The Global Giver: Travel the world to help the oppressed, desolate people suffering in different countries, be an advocate for the abandoned and the voice for those without one.
The Hometown Helper: Stay close to home and volunteer in your community by participating in a practical way and impacting the lives of those who are disadvantaged, homeless, or forgotten.
Making a difference doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture or hours of volunteerism, it can be as easy as taking a child to a museum or reading a book to a loved one…really, it’s that simple.
Last month I visited the Holocaust Memorial traveling through my city. I made a conscious decision to take my son to see the exhibit as a demonstration of the fragility of human life. I wanted him to understand how racism and hatred could destroy the balance of nature and cause such turmoil and sadness. I’m one who believes education and kindness can prevent future occurrences and atrocities from reoccurring. If history is remembered and not forgotten, then hope for a future without bigotry or prejudice can be obtainable and the deaths of the innocent would not be in vain.
Though some may disagree, I believe creating an environment with on ‘open door policy’ for children to learn and ask questions presses the importance of making a change.  Having the chance to take my son to the exhibit made him understand how negative actions could impact someone else’s life in a dramatic way. This is one small step in making a difference in his life and it took less than an hour and two miles of gas, but the outcome was priceless.
Imagine what the possibilities of a global participation can accomplish simply by deciding to make a positive change.
‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Quote by Neil Armstrong, Astronaut.

If you would like to help with a humanitarian project, click on the link below and read about the HIV/AIDS orphan day care center in Soshanguve, South Africa. See how you can help make a difference in the lives of a group of children living with the day to day tragedies of death and abandonment. Soshanguve 2012

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  1. This is a great post, Kate. Such an in-depth topic! You're literally doing a world of good with your efforts. So glad to be a part of it, even indirectly. *hugs*

  2. Thank you Raine! I appreciate your willingness to be a part and I can't wait to have the auction with your amazing swag available for bidders! Cheers!

  3. Thanks Kate for letting us be a small part of this. A great post too!. Hope you received our package okay. Let us know if you need anything else :)

    1. I just checked the mail box and guess what I received.... You both are fabulous! Great stuff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!