Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Auction/Fundraiser

I will be traveling with a team of 7 individuals this summer as we experience together a short term mission trip to the township of Soshanguve, South Africa to work at the Ithembe La Bantwana (Hope for the Children) Orphan Day Care Center. We will have 2 weeks to volunteer at the facility and work closely with the children.There are three major projects our team will be tackling; installing a new pre-fabricated playground, painting the facility sign on the building and pouring concrete for an exterior landing outside of the kitchen. We will also be coordinating a field trip with the kids and instructional training to teach basic vocational necessitites for occupational skills needed once the children reach an appropriate age for a job search.

It is with great angst and excitement that I invite those reading this blog to become a part of this trip learning more about the facility, the children and those who live and work at the center daily. I encourage you to continue with prayers and positive thoughts for our team as we prepare to travel to South Afirca.

I have asked a few of my author friends to help our South African team by donating their literary works of art and helping to raise funds by participating in the book auction. They have graciously agreed to give their novels in both ebook and paperback form. There will be two different bundles to bid on with various genres to choose from inside the packages. We are asking to start the bids at $10 and look forward to having a successful auction. Please take a look at the OUTSTANDING line up of authors and their books!

Ebook Bundle: 15 books TOTAL!

Paperback Bundle: 6 books and signed swag from the authors!

I'd like to thank the following authors for participating in the book auction and helping our mission team make a difference in the township of Soshanguve, South Africa!
CA Kunz
Lisa T Bergren
Katheryn Lane
Chelsea Fine
Bethany Lopez
Raine Thomas
Melissa Foster
Michelle Jordon

Please remember to begin the bidding at $10 (U.S.) Post your bids in the comments section of the blog. The auction will run from April 2nd until April 30th. To learn more about the area we will be visiting, please visit

Let the bidding wars begin!!! Have fun and good luck!

Current BIDS & Standings:

$10 bid already made for the paperback bundle!

$15 bid already made for the ebook bundle!


  1. I am starting this auction with a bid of $10.00 for the E-Bundle. Such a good cause :)

  2. Thank you Carol & Adam! You guys are such an awesome pair!

  3. I'd like to place the first bid for the paperback bundle at $10.00.


  4. Awesome! Thank you Melody for your generous bid and good luck!

  5. Is this how we bid, by posting a comment?
    I bid $15 on the E-bundle. Mostly so i can have the cover photo from Elements Book 3 on my Kindle screen.

    1. lol... Thank you for the bid! You're in the lead so far for the AMAZING 15 ebook bundle! Congrats and good luck!