Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post by Author Natalie Wright

Today I would like to welcome Natalie Wright, author of YA books. She is one of the many authors involved in the Summer Teen Reading Party event and has graciously agreed to be a guest on Sired Scribblings! Please be sure to enter Natalie's giveaway as well as my own ELEMENTS giveaway at the bottom of the page for your chance to win the first ebook in the ELEMENTS series, The Beginning. Good Luck!

Thank you to Kate Fuentes for having me as a guest on her blog today. The Summer Teen Reading Party is in full swing! How many contests have you entered so far? Have you snagged any fun summer reads for your e-reader?

Ah summer. When I was a teen, I loved the days without a plan. No schedules or bells. Long, hot, sultry days spread before us.

I lived in a small town in the Midwest. Think Mayberry small. And I grew up and came of age in a time before “stranger danger” was something you learned about – by necessity – before you started Kindergarten. Before I could drive, two wheels got me where I wanted to go. We’d play ball on the courts at the high school, watch soap operas in the heat of the afternoon, slather ourselves with oil and sunbathe on blankets spread out on the grass (this was before we were scared witless about skin cancer). Mowing the grass in a bikini to get a tan – so pre-2000!

At the end of the school year they always handed us a summer reading list. Can you relate? Did you read the books on that list? If you’re in school now, do you read those books? Moby Dick. For real? Who wants to read Moby Dick over the summer?

What did I read in the summer? This was before the dawn of Young Adult Fiction as a genre. Before Harry Potter. You know, the Dark Ages. And so we mainly read books intended for adults. My summer favorite? Harlequin Romances.

A friend of mine had a mother with a huge box full of them. My friend would take one book at a time and smuggle it to me to read. I’d finish it then get another from her clandestine lending library of smut. By the end of that summer, I had read the entire box. Now that is what I call summer reading!

Summer is about reading for fun. I want books with adventure. Maybe some romance. Throw in some sci fi and fantasy. Escape.

And that brings us back to the fabulous Summer Teen Reading Party where fun reads abound at summer sale prices with great prizes thrown in for good measure.

My Summer Teen Reading Party giveaway is going on now through May 21 so enter through the Rafflecopter below for your chance to snag swag from me.

From Kirkus Reviews: With her two best friends by her side and her mother’s memory in her heart, a teenager undertakes a journey to save the world from an ancient evil.

Emily Adams has always known she’s special. Throughout her whole life she’s had visions of things that haven’t happened yet and she could always read her mother’s mind. At least, she could until her mother died. Emily thinks her abilities are just about gone, but the arrival of a strange creature in her backyard one night proves otherwise. Emily discovers she is the last of the Order of Brighid, an ancient society of women sworn to protect the portal to the Netherworld. Now, with the portal under attack, it’s up to Emily and her two loyal, wisecracking friends to stop a villainous man before his actions destroy the world.

Author Bio:

Natalie Wright spent her formative years growing up on a farm in Ohio. It was a fertile environment for an active imagination and inquisitive mind. She is, however, a city girl at heart and now finds inspiration in her travels and in the desert environment of her home in Tucson, Arizona, where she lives with her husband, daughter and her dog Molly.

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  1. I absolutely relate to your description of summers out of school - so perfect! We'd mix iodine with baby oil and use that for tanning! How insane... I think laying out in the sun and reading Emily's House sounds like a perfect summer day to me! Jan Fischer Wade

    1. Iodine & baby oil - yep, did that! And I'm a redhead :0
      Thanks for stopping by Jan

  2. Oh my goodness... iodine and baby oil, how dreadful for your skin! The things we used to do as teens! I used baby oil, but didn't know about iodine. Now I run for cover whenever the sun is out and slather on 40lbs of sunscreen, and I'm a California girl!

  3. It's great that Harlequins appealed to you. They sure upped your reading speed, I'll bet.

    Alas, I did read Moby Dick. Three times now. Am I the only person in the world (other than my husband) who finds the whole Leviathan section fascinating.

    Raffle baffle. I made it easy on myself and bought Emily's House. I'm collecting a great variety with the books from the Summer Teen Read Party. Now my TBR pile is huge!

    I'm also looking forward to Natalie and Kate visiting my blog next week.

    1. LOL Marva, alas I never did find the fascination with Moby. Thanks for your support & I'm looking forward to hanging out with you next week on your blog :-D