Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Post with Author Penny Estelle

Today I would like to welcome Penny Estelle. She is one of the many authors involved in the Summer Teen Reading Party event and has graciously agreed to be a guest on Sired Scribblings! Please be sure to enter Penny's giveaway as well as my own ELEMENTS giveaway at the bottom of the post for your chance to win the first ebook in the ELEMENTS series, The Beginning. Good Luck!

Thank you Kate for letting me visit with you today.  This Summer Teen Reading Party has been such a blast.  I have met so many great authors, not to mention all the wonderful gifts/prizes that are being given away.

I brought a guest along with me today.  Her name is Pam Simpson.

Hi Pam - meet everyone!

Hi….uhm, everyone.

So tell us about yourself, Pam.

Well, I'm twelve-years old.  I have a pain in the neck younger brother that's always messing up my plans cause Mom has to work and I have to watch him.

That brings up a rumor I heard about a float down a canal.  Maybe you could shed some light on what happened.

Oh, what a horrible and great day that was!

How so?

It was one of those days where I was the "dumpee".  I had plans to go to the mall but mom was called into work.  So, of course, I have to stay home and watch my brother and his friend.  Then the next bomb was dropped.  My cousin, Candy, was also coming over for, good old Pam, to entertain.

Come on now Pam.  Would that be so bad?

Yea!  She's not on my list of favorites.  She thinks she's all that and what she really is, is a big fat whiner!

I see.  Well then what happened?

We were going to the public pool, but to get there we float down the canal on inner tubes.

Pam, I've got to say, that does sound sort of…..yucky.

I can honestly say, that float down the canal, turned my worst day ever, into a day I will never forget!

A Float Down the Canal

Excerpt in A Float Down the Canal

It was July 24, and at 10:30 in the morning in Phoenix, AZ, a record was being broken as one of the hottest days of 1967.  The temperature outside had nothing on Pam Simpson’s temper as she fought with her mom on the phone.  “Are you serious?  I have already had to give up my...but you said...fine.  Yes Mother,” Pam said, teeth clenched.  Just because her mom was called into work, she had to cancel her plans with her friends. She was supposed to be going to the mall.  Tommy Thompson was supposed to be going to the mall! Now she had to watch her ten-year-old brother and his friend.

“Another thing,” her mother continued, “Aunt Sherri is dropping Candy off to spend the day with you guys.”

            “What?” Pam exploded.  She must have misunderstood her mom.  “You know we don’t even like each other!”

            “Pam, don’t be like that.  Candy likes you very much. It’s you that has an attitude about her.  She doesn’t have many friends and I thought you could all go to the pool.”

            Yes, thank goodness Pam is around to help entertain.  She hung up the phone.  She actually wanted to put the phone through the wall.  She was having a real pity party for herself.  The worst part was she never fought with her mom.  What a lousy day!


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